What Does A Barn Dance Cost?

There are too many factors that play into what a barn dance will cost, so I am unable to give you a menu here on the web site.  If you're interested, please get in touch with me and allow me to ask the right questions so I can give you a bid.

Some of the factors that are important to the price of a dance will be obvious.  Others may seem less so.  Here are a few of the factors that I will want to ask about before I give you a quote.

Do you want a live band?  If so, how many musicians?
It must be obvious that the more musicians I bring, the more they will cost in the overall budget.
How long do you want to dance?  When?  Do you need music playing during more of your event than just the dancing?
It's especially relevant to us when we have to start performing, and when we will stop performing and go home.
What day of the week is your dance?
Most private events happen on Saturdays, so you are competing with a lot of other real or potential clients for those dates.
How far do I have to travel to your dance?  How far does the band have to travel?  How long will it take to get there?  Does it involve airfare and rental cars, or overnight accommodations?
Enough said.
Do you represent something that I might consider to be a "good cause?"
If I support your good cause, I will offer you a discounted rate for your event.  I have a soft spot for public schools and environmental causes, but if you believe in your cause, let me know.  I love to hear about what excites other people, and will be glad to consider your case.
How far in advance are you booking me?
The farther in advance that you book me, the more other clients I will have to turn away due to my prior commitment to you.
Are you booking multiple events?
I am happy to contemplate offering a discounted rate if you want to book multiple events with me.
How many people will participate?  How big is the venue?
The more dancers, and the larger the venue, the more sound equipment I will need to bring in order for dancers at the far edge of the dance floor to hear the calls.
Do you need anything else that I can provide?
I often amplify wedding ceremonies if I am already going to be on-site for a barn dance during the reception.  Do you want the band to come early or stay late to play extra music, just for listening?
Do you have any special requirements that affect me?
Insurance, a required site visit, very restrictive set-up or tear-down times, or a particularly difficult venue to work in all add to my costs of doing business.

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