Wedding Reception Barn Dancing

Have a memorable good time dancing at your wedding reception!

Do you want to get your guests up, dancing, and having a good time together to celebrate your marriage? Read to what this photographer had to say about documenting a dance I called.

I have photographed lots of dancing at weddings and other events, but I must say the number of smiling faces seen on the dance floor at this wedding was far greater than at a “typical” wedding, and I think you deserve credit for that. -- Mark Stover, Owner, Expressive Photographics

Bring your guests together

When you get married, you join your lives together, but you also bring together both of your families, and friends from multiple times and places in your lives. They're all important to you -- that's why you invited them to help you celebrate -- but generally, few of them know each other because of all the places they have come from. A barn dance will bring them together, not just with the people they already know, but will help them mingle with other guests who they do not already know. Your wedding guests will be your support network throughout your married life. The better we knit together the broader fabric of your network of family and friends, the better they will be able to support you as you go forward with your lives as a married couple. Barn dancing really does help make those connections. Once people have held hands together, and looked each other in the eye, they will be willing to talk together, even if they didn't know each other before.

The mother-of-the-groom wrote about the rehearsal dinner dance I called for her son's wedding:

You were the high spot of our entire [wedding] weekend.  People were so connected throughout the event because we'd been partners!  The [DJ] dancing at the wedding itself was nothing compared to [your barn dance on] Friday night! -- Lucy

I'm here to help.

When you're dancing, I will be on the floor with you, teaching and helping everyone succeed at the dance, so they can have a good time together.

It's fun because we do it together.

Everyone celebrates as the top couple gallops down the middle of the set!

At the end of a dance sequence, everyone feels happy, and successful, and applauds the band for all the great fiddle tunes!

People will remember how much fun they had dancing together long after the wedding is over. Read what this bride and groom had to say:

You called dances for our wedding reception two years ago, and our guests STILL talk about the dancing at our wedding. Thank you so much for what you brought to our celebration.

You only get one chance to make your wedding day special. Let me help make it fun and memorable for everyone, and also help build the community of your families and friends to support you on your new adventure together! Please contact me so we can plan a dance for your special day. I will bring you the complete dance package, including music, caller, and sound system to make the dancing special. I look forward to helping you have the best day of your life!

Want to know more?

Watch my two-minute barn dance/square dance/contra dance/line dance promotional video to get a flavor of how my dances feel for participants.

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A word to the wise -- if you want your guests to dance this kind of dance, suggest that they wear "sensible shoes." They won't be able to do these dances in spike heels! Either that, or they'll kick off their shoes so they can kick up their heels!

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