What People Say About Andy's Dance Parties

If you've been to one of my dances, or you had a private party where I brought the dance party to you, I invite you to send a comment about your experience with me that I can post here.  Want to see what people are saying about other dance callers who I send to their event?

These are all real notes that I have received from my clients:

Neighborhood Street Party on Mercer Island (near Seattle WA) barn dance

Hi Andy –

I’ve been meaning to write you a thank you note for SOOOO long. It just seemed that we kept rolling from one crazy thing to the next, then 2020 landed like a bomb. I hope you and your family have muddled through the year safely and in one piece.

Everyone is STILL talking about our epic neighborhood party here in Seattle, and are wondering when we are going to do it again. We have you to thank for the wonderful memories…you were the glue that tied it all together and put the cherry on top of the fun! A big party is exactly what we all need now but I think I’m not quite ready to try and pull it off so soon…that one would be hard to top. Anyway, Garth and I talk about you often and I sincerely apologize for not letting you know sooner how much gratitude we have for your effort and willingness to fly up here to help us celebrate life and friendships.

Please stay safe and stay in touch!


Molly (party host)

3rd Birthday Party barn dance

Hi Andy,

That was a lot of fun! I want to keep square dancing! Thank you!

Kind regards,

Nancy (mother of the birthday girl)

Retirement party barn dance


Rave reviews from my family and friends for your dance calling and the musicians playing! I will be free with your contact information and advocate for more dances called by you at the [venue where this party happened].

Thanks again for your dance calling and good wishes.

Hope your Holidays are Merry and Bright!


70th Birthday celebration hoedown


Andy ~ you helped make [my birthday] one of the best days of my life. Loved the band you brought. What a blessing you are!

❤ Kathie [Birthday girl]

70th Birthday celebration hoedown


Thank you again for providing such a wonderful experience at Mom's birthday hoedown! She had a blast dancing to your calls and to the classic cowboy songs the band sang and played. Thank you for helping us make her birthday extra special!

Kristen & Daniel [daughter and son-in-law of birthday girl]

Destination wedding welcome-night barn dance [from the event planner]

Andy -

Thank you for such a smooth experience for our square dance and for making the ceremony music exactly what Olivia wanted! We loved how the Square dance set the tone for the weekend and brought everyone together!!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making their day so special for them! Until next time!




Calluna Events

Wedding reception barn dance [from the photographer]

Thanks Andy,

[...] I have photographed lots of dancing at weddings and other events, but I must say the number of smiling faces seen on the dance floor at this wedding was far greater than at a “typical” wedding, and I think you deserve credit for that. Perhaps [barn] dancing is just more fun than hip-hop, classic rock, etc? I look forward to the next event we can work together. 

Best Regards,

Mark Stover


Expressive Photographics

30th Birthday Party barn dance

Good Morning Andy,

Thank you again for being a part of my 30th Birthday Barn Dance. It was truly the most special day, so a BIG thank you to you for help making that happen.The dancing was such a hit, I continue to hear from friends and family who had so much fun and were amazed at how approachable you made all of the dances.

With much appreciation,


Wedding reception barn dance

Dear Andy,

We wanted to thank you so very much for being such an important part of making our wedding day festivities go so smoothly, and creating such a fun, joyful atmosphere. From making sure music happened during the ceremony and cocktail hour and dinner, to expertly leading dances with humor, kindness and thoughtfulness, and doing everything with such flexibility, we are so appreciative of all you contributed to the day. It was great to have a friendly, familia face at the helm of all that. Thanks, and we'll see you coastside soon, I'm sure.  ;)

Morgan & Brian

[bride and groom]

Wedding reception barn dance


You called dances for our wedding reception two years ago, and our guests STILL talk about the dancing at our wedding. Thank you so much for what you brought to our celebration.

Wedding reception barn dance

Hi Andy,

THANK. YOU. for what you did on Saturday afternoon. That was so excellent, so perfect. It was flawless! You were the sprinkle that MADE the donut. Sure, the venue was amazing, flowers were great, and canned, prerecorded music would have worked just fine, but...you all really made the event come together in my mind. You were that 1% that made the other 99% cohesive and cool! I couldn't believe how many people were out there dancing and having a great time! And for a long time too! A few seemed to stick around for the whole set! Joe and I were discussing the wedding today and we both said that dancing was our favorite part of the whole cocktail hour! We only wished we could have danced longer! But you know how it is, as bride and groom, we were being pulled in multiple directions at once. Thank you! Thank you!

Kindest regards,

Andrea [bride]

Wedding reception barn dance

Dear Andy,

It was such a joy working with you in preparation for our wedding.  Everything [at the wedding] sounded excellent and we (including our guests) thoroughly enjoyed dancing with you! We appreciate your flexibility.  See you soon!

In appreciation,

Carissa [bride]

Christophe [groom]

Neuroscience hub researcher get-acquainted party and team-building barn dance

Dear Andy,

You were just fantastic at our party and really made it into a really fun night! It was everything I hoped it would be, you are the best! I have been telling everyone about you!



Wedding reception barn dance


Thank you so much for your help making our wedding special and so fun!  You are really great at what you do!  Please let us know if we can write you a testimonial or help in your business in any way!

All the best,

Elaine and Giacomo [the bride and groom]

Rehearsal dinner barn dance


You were the high spot of our entire [wedding] weekend.  People were so connected throughout the event because we'd been partners!  The [DJ] dancing at the wedding itself was nothing compared to [your barn dance on] Friday night!


Dance for cancer patients and their families and caregivers

Hi, Andy -

Another stellar performance on Saturday.  Everyone was singing the praises of you and your awesome band. They all LOVED dancing!

Camp Wieser 2019 dates are May 31 - June 2.  Please put us on your calendar -- hope you are available.

We can send a deposit to hold [the date] if needed.

Thank you,


Academic Team Building Barn Dance

My friend saw you at a wedding dance you called a year ago, and she said that you were fantastic!  Word is that the only people who didn't dance at the reception were in a wheelchair, or otherwise infirm.  She thinks you're the best.

That's why I want you to help bring together the basic science medical researchers and the applied clinical researchers in this network of academic researchers from U[niversity of] C{alifornia] S[an] F[rancisco] and [the University of California,] Berkeley.

Joan [organizer]

Wedding Reception Barn Dance

You were the heart of the wedding.  Everyone had a great time.

Your musicians were fantastic!

Thank you very much,

Richard [father of the bride]

Rehearsal Dinner Barn Dance

We have a tradition in my family of always doing a [barn] dance at every wedding.  It's such a great way to bring together the members of two disparate families that become linked through the marriage.  In my life so far I have been to thirty or forty dances at family weddings.  Without a doubt, you are the best I've seen!  Thank you so much for helping our families celebrate my son's wedding.

We had so much fun dancing to your calling.

Thank you so much!

Lucy [mother of the groom]

Rehearsal Dinner Barn Dance

Hi Andy –

it was very fun to see you on Friday night at Kate and Tory’s wedding.  It was fabulous!  I was so happy to see the ear-to-ear grins by everybody who was participating.  I heard a gal in the bathroom saying – "Wow, I’ve never done that before. It’s so much fun!"  I know [hosts] Jeff and Janet were very pleased.

The wedding the next day was glorious.  Very joyous.

Hope to see you again soon,



Hi Andy,

Everyone had so much fun dancing with you Friday night!! 

We even saw some do-si-do-ing and groups of 4 circling on the dance floor at the wedding Saturday night. 

Thank you for making Kate and Tory’s welcome event so special and memorable!

with much appreciation,


Rehearsal Dinner Barn Dance

Dear Andy~

Hurrying to get this in the mail to you.  Thanks so much for making the entry time into the Rehearsal Dinner extra special  It was simply splendid.



Non-profit Fundraiser Barn Dance

The beautiful [barn] dancing was truly a shining moment in a beautiful evening thank you so much for [...] your delightful community sharing!!!

Everyone just loved it!



Public Barn Dance

[This from an e-mail I received from my dance-caller colleague Chrissy Fowler of Belfast, Maine, of whom I know through an e-mail list we both read for people who have attended a an annual gathering of professional dance organizers called Pourparler.  We have never made it to the same event, so haven't actually met.]

Went on a walk today with my next-town-over neighbor Margo [...] and her son Finn (who is my son Theo's age).

She mentioned going to this "amazing dance" in CA a while back... And sure enough it was you & yours.  Said they just danced to you again recently.  Yahoo!  Bubbled over about how lovely you are.  So fun!

Chrissy Fowler

Surprise Birthday Party barn dance

Thanks again, Andy

People had a wonderful time. I can’t tell you how many different people mentioned how much fun they had, talked repeatedly about “Sasha!” or the over and under, and the two who waltzed with you said they felt like they were being magically spun around the room.

Thanks. Wish you the best of luck.


Community Fall Festival barn dance

Dear Andy

A BIG thank you for celebrating with us at our festival.  It was such a gift that you could be with us.  I am grateful for our friendship and the joy you bring with leading us in dance.  I hope we can do this again!



50th Birthday Party barn dance


Thanks again for the great time last night. You were really critical to making such a fun event.

I also appreciated you and the band working in [our daughter] so much. She really enjoyed it.

And for being flexible to move back your dance time to allow some special items. We only wish we had another hour of energy from all the crew to keep going.

If we can be helpful as a reference or to post anything to a social reference site just let us know where / how.



This from a five-star Yelp review of my monthly barn dance, posted on June 1, 2017 by "Menlo K"


If it wasn't so far away, I'd go every month.

What a blast.

Great for people of all ages. Adults and kids early on, and as bedtime approaches for the young'uns, the college students start to show up.

Many different dances through the evening, each taught and then done. Different sized groups for each dance, forcing mingling while also allowing you to stay with friends.


Party for Church Family Camp  (I did three in a row; this was written just before the third one.)


You've been WONDERFUL~ anytime we need a caller, it will be YOU!!!!!!! We've had so many comments on the fun of Tuesday night Hoe Downs!

SO... we're all set for tomorrow night... can't wait! See you then! (and YES... we'll pass it on that you do a phenomenal job with these events!!!!)


Party for Developmentally-Disabled Community Group

Hi Andy,

Just a follow up thank you from me for your time and expertise! You were fabulous and people had a great time.

One mom, with kids there wrote me saying, “Fun fun fun!! Andy was wonderful and talented!”

Thanks again, hope to see you at a dance sometime!

~ Blessings, Diane

Corporate Party for Non-profit Medical Group

hi andy,

i apologize that i haven't written sooner!! thank you so much for being the amazing dance caller that you are!!! everyone in my group completely enjoyed their time with you and with dancing!! i continue to receive emails and calls - thanking me for bringing you to the group- and they want you to come again and again :)

thanks again and again!!!!!!!!


Wedding Reception Barn Dance

Dear Andy,

Thank you again for helping to make everything run so smoothly on our wedding day!  The ceremony [amplification] was perfect, and we loved the dance calling.  Or friends loved it, and it was fun sharing it with them.  We hope to dance with you again someday!


Katherine & Jesse

40th Birthday Party Barn Dance

[addressed to the hosts of the party]

I'm not the most coordinated of dancers, but I have always thought that Lee Ann Womack's country hit [from the year 2000], I Hope You Dance, was as much about dancing as it is about life.

Last night at Deb's 40th birthday dance party, during the circle mixer, I looked over my left shoulder and saw that my next "partner" was two little girls about five. Their eyes brightened as they saw me, and their smiles said, "We want to dance with you!" My heart melted; my eyes were wet, and we danced!

Almost eight years ago, [my newly-married wife,] Ann's eyes were that bright when she came to me on the dance floor, took my hands, and, as the first bars of California Girls filled the room, we began the swing dance routine we had practiced for months before our wedding day. There's a photo of the final move of that dance on the wall in our office, but it's the beginning of that dance - the bright-eyed purposeful invitation - that lives in my heart.

Thank you for an occasion I'll not soon forget.


40th Birthday Party Barn Dance


I want to second the sentiment from that note - I was SO glad that you were able to come to the party and call. I wasn't sure that we needed to add another element to the party, but I am so glad we did, since it really brought everyone together. I was tickled to see the Mayor of Mountain View dancing alongside our Google friends, dancing alongside our kiddos and our oldest dancing friends. It's really nice to bring everyone together and have something so fun and satisfying that everyone can be part of.

As much as I love the partner dancing that we all do (including impromptu Decadance performances of old choreographies), partner dancing that takes years to learn can end up inadvertently excluding a lot of people. It's really nice to have something that is as all inclusive as [the dances you call.]


And Siena (my older daughter) absolutely loved it. She had a total meltdown that we had the grandparents take her home to bed because she wanted to keep dancing.

Guess we'll have to take her to more dances!!

Thanks so much for your time, and do let me know if I can help you in any way to continue to grow your business.



Company Anniversary Celebration

Hi Andy,

Fabulous job.  It was super fun to dance to the sounds of your calling and your band’s music.  Everyone had a great time.  We also got some great photos of Howard, the Founder of our firm, dancing, and a cute one of you dancing with one of the ladies.

Thank you for making the event memorable.


Thank you so much for the amazing afternoon, Andy!

Many thanks,

Gina and B G & K

Wedding and Reception


We're still traveling with family and friends that came from Europe for the wedding. So, we haven't yet had a chance to sit down and write emails.

But, we didn't want to wait any longer before writing a quick note to say how much we appreciate you, and everything you did to make our wedding the most magical of weekends. Thank you for sharing all of your talents and skills, for your guidance ahead of time, for everything you did just because you saw that you could help out, and for being a really wonderful person too.

For just one specific example (of many): we're currently traveling with Martin, and he said it was so great that he could "bounce ideas off of you" and collaborate while trying to figure out how to handle logistics around the toasts and dinner.... and had your help with the microphone and cake table and all.

We appreciate incredibly much how kind you are and how much we enjoyed having you as a wedding guest. And that many guests have said that the called dancing was their favorite part of the weekend.

If there is anything we can do to help with recommendations (yelp, etc) or testimonials, we're more than happy to do that.

talk to you soon,

- Zan & Jonas

7th Birthday Party Celebration Dance in Los Angeles

Thank you, Andy, for making our square dance dreams happen, and for coming far and wide to do so.  I hope we made it worth your time and energy.  I've never seen bigger smiles on those girls' faces and an urge to keep going.  Hope you get home safe and have a wonderful rest of your weekend.



[personal assistant to the mother of the birthday girl]

50th Birthday Party Celebration Dance


Thanks so much for the calling and the band on Friday night for Lisa's birthday.  It made the celebration a lifetime memory and all of our family and friends have been raving about it.  We look forward to coming down to see you and dancing on your home turf soon.

All the best,


College Beginning-of-the-Year Freshman Orientation Dance

Thanks Andy!

We really enjoyed having you here.  You and the band were the perfect addition to the event!

Best wishes,


Company Party Dance

Hi Andy

Thank you so much!  I'm sure that our paths will cross again, and I will DEFINITELY plan on contacting you in the future!  You were amazing and you really did get everybody to dance!!

Thanks again and I know I will be in touch!

Very Best,


Wedding Reception Dance

Dear Andy

We are so excited for your dance calling at our wedding celebration.  Thank you for answering all our questions, your patience, guidance, & expertise.  We think having our friends dance with you and your band will be the highlight of the weekend.

Thank you!

Mandy & Sean

Wedding Reception Dance

Dear Andy

Wow!  You and the band brought so much joy and connectedness to our wedding reception.  Many of our friends commented upon the amazing job you did as caller -- you were warm, inviting, funny, and made it easy for everyone to participate.

Thank you so much!

Ahna & Brad

Start-up Company Celebration

Thank you so much Andy!!

It was certainly a blast, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

You really did an incredible job. Thanks again!



Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for Friday night.  That was excellent fun and the music/calling were a big hit.


A Fancy Birthday Party Dance

Andy - you were really fabulous.  You delivered in a big way!!  Everybody just loved the dances.  I can't believe how many compliments I got.  Also, people thought it will be the most memorable part of the evening - something quite different.  I know it took a lot of work more than the normal dance, and I want you to know how much I appreciated it.  I was so sad when it ended.

Please pass along my thanks to the musicians.  They were all so wonderful - they just radiated good cheer, in addition to clearly being very talented.

Thanks again.  I hope to see you again soon!


Dance for Camp

Andy -

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! The joy and positive energy that filled out campers on your dance floor was incredible!! I might go so far as to say that it was the best year yet!  I am praying that you will be available to join us again for next year's camp and I am going to delegate more next year so I can finally get on that dance floor with my bride and enjoy the square dancing myself!!

You are truly a huge blessing to our organization and our weekend and you are a key ingredient to helping our campers forget about their cancer and simply enjoy life and each other!!

Thank you for another wonderful year! We hope to see you back for Camp Challenge 2016!


Camp Director

Hi Andy!

Well, you did it again! More dancers than ever AND a smaller than usual dance floor.  And STILL you made it such a great event!

Camp next year will be July 8, 9 & 10 - can we reserve you for the 9th?

Thanks again, Andy!



Wedding Reception Dance

Having you at our reception was the perfect touch to our day. Everyone had so much fun and the square dancing was such an unexpected surprise to everyone.



College Dorm Dance

Dear Andy,

Thank you so very much for calling at our barn dance!  Everyone had so much fun, and we've even been told by people from other dorms that our event was the best.  You and the band were a large part of the fun.  So thank you!



Best Wedding Music Ever!

What a great time! Melinda and Lyle's wedding was darned close to perfection. And you all were huge contributors to how much fun it was. Many, many comments from guests saying how much they enjoyed the calling and the music. And you've been so kind and accommodating and patient leading up to the wedding. A joy to work with. Thank you for everything.


A very happy mother of the bride

College Dorm Dance

Hi Andy,

Thank you so much for making our evening so great! Our whole dorm had a ton of fun and many people have approached me and said the dancing was phenomenal. I can't thank you enough for making this such a memorable event!

And I will definitely try to make it out to [your public] dances soon! Our whole dorm government is wanting to celebrate the end of the quarter with an evening out, and I think dancing [to your calling] would be awesome! 

Thank you again,


Birthday Party

Dear Andy,

You made my 75th birthday bash so memorable.  Everyone I talk to says it was the best party they had ever attended.  Your ability to read the crowd and provide just the right directions to have them dancing is the best.  And then for you to stay and help with the straw bales was so generous of you.  I hope you get some more gigs from this.  I look forward to dancing with you on Saturday.  There are at least 3 people from the party who are coming for the first time. 

Once again, thank you.



Dear Andy,

Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding celebration.  We have had many compliments from our guests about how much they enjoyed the dancing.  We are so grateful for the quality and spirit of your work.

We hope to be on the dance floor and see you again soon!!


Kevin and Amy


Dear Andy,

Thanks for making our party a fabulous success!  It was SO FUN -- & perfect for the group.  I will recommend you highly!

Best wishes,


Company Christmas Party

Hello Andy,

I wanted to let you know again how much we enjoyed your dance calling and the band at our company party.  That party was so fun – and one that will be talked about for a long time!  We certainly couldn’t have done it without your guidance (and patience!)  I hope to assemble a picture album of the evening and when I do, I will be sure to get you a copy.

All the best,


Interstate Regional College Outdoor Leadership Conference

Andy & the Band,

Thank you all so much for your role in making [our event] a huge success.  You guys rocked the house.

Much respect & appreciation,

Matt & the UCSC crew

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