Barn Dance Calling Calendar for Andy Wilson

Want to dance to my calling?  Look for public events highlighted with this background color.

Want to hire me?  Check dates below to see if I already have a commitment. Far away?  I'm happy to travel to you.  I have fielded calls from Houston, TX, Denver, CO, Saint Louis, MO, Bethesda, MD, Boston, MA, Portland, OR, Cape Cod, MA, Dubois and Saratoga, WY, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Park City, UT, Dunton, CO, Los Angeles, CA, and more.  Please let me help you have the party you want, wherever that may be.

I honor your privacy, whoever you are.  You'll note in the calendar below that I list the dates, times, and locations of my public dances.  If I put the location of a private event on my calendar, it's because the date has already passed, and I think it might be useful to other clients in their search for a venue for their event.  I never make it possible for my fans to casually drop in on your private event, nor do I ever list the addresses of private homes where I do events.  Your party is YOUR party, and your home is your castle, and I will help you keep it that way.  I don't even list identifiable names for clients here.  I may list first names on occasion, but no one else will ever know whether you're a famous celebrity, a wealthy investor, or a regular "Joe."  We all deserve to have fun without having to worry who's looking.

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